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The Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer binary is now available as .EXE file. I have successfully compiled the application with cygwin’s MinGW compiler. The Windows Audio and Sound API backend was just implemented and is available as: AgsWasapiDevout AgsWasapiDevin The ported version is rather experimental and I am not sure about its usability. by Joël Read more

In view of next release v2.3.0 of Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer, I have implemented Frequency Modulation and impulse oscillator synth utility functions. The utility functions Some code is yet implemented and available in git. ags_synth_util.h The synth util has got an impulse oscillator: ags_fm_synth_util.h The FM synth util is going to provide frequency modulation oscillators: […] Read more

As HiDPI display become more common, I started to implement a new configuration key gui-scale. It is located in generic preferences group. Currently, only following widgets are refactored: AgsDial AgsHIndicator / AgsVIndicator GtkHScale / GtkVScale This was a easy task, since there are instantiated as AgsLineMember or AgsBulkMember. To refactor the Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer editors […] Read more

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