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As of version 2.1.x Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer has got Open Sound Control content format support. Including client and server functionality. OSC content format can be dealt with low-level buffer functions located in ags/audio/osc/ags_osc_buffer_util.c and supports standard types as defined by Specification 1.0 For higher level composition and parsing there are AgsOscBuilder and AgsOscParser. Append […] Read more

Click the following link to see important dates of Debian 10 stable release codename Buster: To enter the stable distribution with GSequencer is an important step to me. 2 years ago, the situation about Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer was different. There were too many changes, too late and this led to the situation of not […] Read more

Few months ago, I was asked to implement the source code of monoidea’s monothek. Monoidea is a artistic design and print media company. The Swiss based start-up wanted to realize a service to promote artistic work. Especially music is the topic of the planned installation. To give a platform to lesser known artists from the […] Read more

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