When I started to use GNU/Linux in 2001 I missed only one thing. A sequencer with a nice GUI. There was already rosegarden available. But who didn't get stuck of midi setup, yet? The time before I was using free software and became an affiliate to its community I was using Microsoft Windows 98 on my father's desktop computer and did my first steps in Sun Microsystem's Java 1.2.

My very first own Notebook was a Compaq Evo n160 and it's preinstalled Microsoft Windows 98 had to vanish because I became a fellow of Richard Stallman. Soon, I begun to code and older I became my demands to ags increased. I developed the concept of the underlying audio library myself as not graduated college student.

October 2005, I decided to reimplement Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer from scratch in order to get rid of inherited burden. And it was one big development process until I was almost satisfied with it's design. There was a time in 2007 where I even wanted to replace GObject and Gtk+ dependencies with my own libraries I begun to develop. I'm glad of didn't doing so.

Thank you!