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Joël Krähemann is the core-developer of GSequencer. His early experience in writing code was done with Java 1.2 during year 2000. 2 years later he was inspired by the Free Software Movement and switched to the ANSI C programming language. He loves to use XML and related for various applicable fields.

Joël passed the courses at Bildungszentrum für Technik in Frauenfeld and his job title is Informatiker EFZ - Generalist. During his internship he learned much about J2EE application development and was responsible for data migrations as well automated functional testing. Achieving the highest possible mark during the module M307 - Interaktive Webseite mit Formular erstellen was not a big issue to him.

He was at the Kantonsschule Romanshorn. During the 3 years in school he gained a better understanding of Mathematics. He really enjoyed to do calculations with complex numbers and implementing solver algorithms like Gauss.

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