Custom application design and development out-sourcing

monoidea’s monothek

Few months ago, I was asked to implement the source code of monoidea’s monothek.

Monoidea is a artistic design and print media company. The Swiss based start-up wanted to realize a service to promote artistic work. Especially music is the topic of the planned installation. To give a platform to lesser known artists from the region.

The initial code base is available from Github and is a work in progress.

Monothek uses the Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer Library as foundation of its code. The custom UI was created by the principles of MVC – model view controller. Each view inherits direct of its abstract base type MonothekView, itselves a GtkWidget sub-class. Monothek does make serious use of GObject type system.

As trying a common playlist where each audio file is about 4-5 minutes. The memory usage was approximately 3.5 GB, including Xorg and Mate Desktop running.

We keep you updated on this topic.

by Joël