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Debian 10 – buster freeze

Click the following link to see important dates of Debian 10 stable release codename Buster:

To enter the stable distribution with GSequencer is an important step to me. 2 years ago, the situation about Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer was different. There were too many changes, too late and this led to the situation of not being considered.

This time we are good prepared, many unit-tests are available now. The functional test cases are extended as well. Covering new machines like:

  • AgsAudiorec
  • AgsEqualizer10
  • AgsSpectrometer

2 major releases have been published by me, since then. For the 2.0.x release the entire audio layer was refactored. Providing thread-safe properties, a new parallel recursively computed dispatcher and common flags.

The waveform editor was implemented with recording capabilities. Improved pulseaudio playback supporting caching. Configuration in-place works now reliable.

Recent changes includes the ability to update oscillator controls depending on samplerate.

A built-in Open Sound Control server and support for the content format. This all by providing low-level functions along with a builder and parser.

And for sure tons of bug-fixes.

by Joël