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GSequencer’s OSC support

As of version 2.1.x Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer has got Open Sound Control content format support. Including client and server functionality.

OSC content format can be dealt with low-level buffer functions located in ags/audio/osc/ags_osc_buffer_util.c and supports standard types as defined by Specification 1.0

For higher level composition and parsing there are AgsOscBuilder and AgsOscParser. Append the desired packet, bundle, message and value using the builder object. The parser emits events for the OSC semantics and creates XML as defined by:


The client implements common functions like:

  • ags_osc_client_resolve()
  • ags_osc_client_connect()
  • ags_osc_client_write_bytes()
  • ags_osc_client_read_bytes()

The OSC server supports IPv4/IPv6 over UDP and TCP. There are yet ready to use controller available for remote configuration, renew of effect processor ports, inspect port values or continues metering them. It can be configured by editing ~/.gsequencer/ags.conf or by user interface of GSequencer.

The OSC server preferences in GSequencer UI

by Joël