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GSequencer gets user interface scale factor

As HiDPI display become more common, I started to implement a new configuration key gui-scale. It is located in generic preferences group.

Currently, only following widgets are refactored:

  • AgsDial
  • AgsHIndicator / AgsVIndicator
  • GtkHScale / GtkVScale

This was a easy task, since there are instantiated as AgsLineMember or AgsBulkMember.

GSequencer with gui-scale factor 2.0

To refactor the Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer editors takes additional time.

  • AgsNotationEdit
  • AgsAutomationEdit
  • AgsWaveEdit

I am thinking of doing a release prior changing the editors, because The layout is not that bad. On a ordinary display the controls are rather big.

Looking forward to next releases.

by Joël