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The navigation

krä has just been reworked to be more accessible. I was inspired by old fashioned static HTML websites, but by using modern HTML5 tags. Thus navigating the website has just been made easier.

The navigation

The navigation consists of following links:

  • Video - providing video content

  • Audio - providing audio content

  • Blog - providing readable content

  • Downloads & Links - all kind of internal and external resources

  • Howtos - in depth help for various topics

  • API Reference manual - complete references


On the start page I am telling you: So you might want to access this content using Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X or any *nix.

My intention is still to promote the use and development of Free and Opensource Software. At my opinion it doesn't matter what platform you are using, but rather what fits your needs.

Tue Mar 10 13:26:08 UTC 2020