Custom application design and development out-sourcing

We provide first hand know-how of the GSequencer framework, which is built upon GObject. We can assist you in distributing your own DEB (debian packages) or RPM (Red Hat packages) binaries for the GNU/Linux platform.

It is the age parallel computing and the GSequencer framework offers a good base to do multi-threaded trees. You can have synchronized work-load in a tic based system. We use for primitives the POSIX threads API.

The framework relies on various external libraries like the Gtk+-2.0 stack and such as:

  • glibc
  • libuuid
  • libxml-2.0
  • libsndfile
  • libsamplerate
  • FFTW3
  • libinstpatch

We strongly recommend the use of Accessibility Toolkit (Atk-1.0) in order to make your application accessible. The Atk interfaces are known by screen readers like Orca and other assistive technologies.

To provide standard build environment to your ANSI C application, we use automake, autoconf and pkg-config. Whereby you are going to have a standard build procedure for your sources.

make install

Not tied to a specified platform or architecture. Compile your code for different hosts.