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Terms and conditions

This page shows you a sample of a contract you might want to agree. A contract applies as the involved parties state their will to fulfill all points.

This page is informative only and does not imply or grant any business relationship.

If any appointment or rule was not taken for serious the contract may be terminated at any time, without special explanation.

Prerequisite to any contract partner requires to act in good faith.


The involved parties refered in this document are defined as following:

We has the meaning of the first contract partner and is usually krä

You has the meaning of the second contract partner. The second contract partner may not change at any time for any particular reason.

Third-party is referal for any party not involved by the contract.

We reserve one's right to terminate the contract if there is any damage of our reputation or misbehaviour against any worker. Further if we think any third-party dependency may harm


The products delivered may not fulfill your needs. There is no warranty for merchandibility or fitness for any particular purpose.

We don't provide any help or support to third-party products.

We offer only limited support for well defined duties.

Intelectual property

You agree to have no rights or copyright claims on source code and related parts. All products developed including documentation belongs to krä

If we recognize any patent infridgement or violation of the copyright law, you shall be informed.

Both parties are asked to meet the copyright law. Violation or conflicts of such may end in termination of the contract.


The evaluation stage is part of the development process. We reserve the right to terminate the contract during this stage without any particular reason.

We may change rates according our researches.


We do not accept any changes regarding the complexity of the project.

Dead-lines prior defined are going to be fulfilled as possible. We do not pay any penalties for missing the time frame.


As the product is ready for use it enters production. There is no claim in any changes related to the product.

Final execution

The work is done and no more asks are defined.

Disclaimer of warranty

We do not guarantee any particular use of the delivered product. It is up to you to act responsible.

You agree to comply your responsebilities as redistribute or provide a service with given products. You provide in any circumstances liability.

We don't campaign for you regarding conflicts involving third-parties.


It is mandatory there is a good flow of information. We ask our clients to communicate problems involving contracting points.

We believe in solve first and then continuing work.

Copyright (C) Joël Krähemann - all rights reserved.