Custom application design and development out-sourcing

The current live DVD version 2.0 is built upon 7.9. It is available for the x86_64 platform.

The main goal of the project is to provide a system where the control is upto you. It is great to use it for embedded applications because the system won't break or introduces any incompatibilities due to updates.

You decide what sources are going to be installed and actually you have to do it on your own. There is no package management but you.

Download instructions and writing to BlueRay disc. You are going to need an empty BlueRay disc and drive capable to burn the ISO image. Invoke within command line interpreter like BASH:

wget -c
		    cdrecord -v minos-one-v2.0-h3lix.iso

The h3lix build contains a functional display manager lxdm. Note you have to set password for user h3lix on TTY in order to be able to login. The password for root and h3lix are empty. Mate is the only available desktop environment.

Minos-one comes with many developer tools and full sources. The src.iso is located in casper/ subdirectory of the ISO image and is not mounted per default. To do so issue following:

mount -o loop /media/cdrom/casper/src.iso /usr/src/sources

The h3lix build contains the /opt directory containing Qt4 and Qt5. As well OpenJDK8, ant and maven. Mercurial is included, too.

The system editor of choice is emacs, you may want to launch it within mate-terminal by executing emacs -nw.

The h3lix build can have boot parameter livedev=/dev/sr0 or whatever fits your optical drive containing the live system. h3lix is about 21G large so you probably have to write it to a BlueRay disc.